About Us


Jamia Darus Sunnah was established in 1996 in a bought building on Katherine road, Forest Gate E7. By the grace of Allah swt we purchased our current building in 2004.

Our 6 trustees are all actively working to maintain and make our masjid more
and more successful.
Currently we have 4 floors, we initially started off with 2 floors, one floor which
had class rooms and one main prayer hall, Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah
and community support with funding and their contribution we managed to
make the masjid 4 floors which we can now accommodate up to 1,000
worshippers. Besides prayers we also have Jummah prayers and Weekday and
Weekend classes which accommodate students from the age of 4 to 21. Our
pre student’s classes are from age 4-6 and then middle classes and higher
student’s classes, and finally we have our Hifz class which students are from
age 13-21.

We also have weekend classes which are run by qualified Aalimah’s, currently there are 3 weekend classes, one for girls aged over 12 and one pre Maktab class and one average class, our weekend Aalimah staff are always looking for better ways to spread islam through a fun and interactive way. We have three imams in our masjid, our Head Imam Maulana Mahfuj Ahmed who is a Former Muhaddith of Jamia Angura Muahammedpur Madrasah Sylhet and currently Muhhadith at Madani Girls School. Our second imam is Hafiz Maulana Anwar Ahmad who studied in the world famous Sylhet Dargah Madrasah, and our third Imam Hafiz Maulana Sualiman Moola who studied under Ustadul Asatizah Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala Rahmatullahi Alay. All three Imams lead prayers Monday to Sunday and Jummah prayers are also led by them as well as our other Khatibs.

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