Jamia Darus Sunnah

98 Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, London E7 0EW

إنالله وانا إليه راجعون

It is with great sadness we inform you of the demise of our Honourable Chairman, Hazrat Shaykh Maulana Mostofa Ahmed R.A. Shaykh was one of the most senior scholars in the UK he was the founding trustees of the masjid who has also established many institutes and organisations within the UK & Bangladesh. We ask everyone to remember our elder our shaykh & spiritual mentor Jannah Tul Ferdous


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Jamia Darus Sunnah was established in 1996 in a bought building on Katherine road, Forest Gate E7

By the grace of Allah swt we purchased our current building in 2004.
We currently have 6 trustees who are our honourable president Shaykh
Maulana Mostofa Ahmed and our General secretary Hazrat Maulana Gulam
Kibria, our treasurer Hafiz Maulana Mubarak Ali, Assistant Secretary Alhaj Nazir
Razzaque, Coordinator Alhaj Fazlur Rahman and finally our Assistant Treasurer
Maulana Hussain Ahmed.
Our 6 trustees are all actively working to maintain and make our masjid more
and more successful.


Our Masjid is open every day of the year for people to use our prayer facilities, including all five daily prayers, and the special prayers for Ramadan and Eid. The prayer halls are accessible from 12:30am and close after 30mins at the end of each salah.


We hold congregational prayers at specific times, which you can find in our prayer timetable. There’s a more detailed explanation of our prayer times here. These prayers typically take 10–15 minutes.


we open the main prayer hall half an hour before the time set for the congregational prayer, and close again about 15 minutes after the prayer finishes.


the special Jummah prayer (which replaces the Zuhr prayer) is preceded by a sermon (khutbah), which takes about half an hour.

Taraweeh Prayers

For Tarweeh prayers we usually have 3-4 Huffaz, some years local and some interantional

“Allah (God) does not intend to make difficulty for you, but He intends to purify you and complete His favor upon that you may be grateful.”

Quran 5:6

“Do not lose hope, nor be sad.”

Quran 3:139

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Jamia Darus Sunnah

Executive Committee

We currently have 6 trustees

Maulana Gulam Kibria


Maulana Hussain Ahmed


Hafiz Maulana Mubarak Ali


Alhaj Nazir Razzaque

Legal Affairs Secretary

Alhaj Fazlur Rahman

Operations Coordinator

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